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How Do You Remove Bees In A Wall Or Inside Structure?

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Yes, it’s true. Honeybees can and will nest inside the walls of a home or any other structure. The roof over your head provides a secure location for honeybees to build honeycomb and establish their colony.

Depending on the length of time the bees have been inside your wall will determine the amount of honeycomb and size of the colony. A pound of honeycomb can be built per day. If you have had a bee infestation for just over a month – you may have plenty of honeycombs in your roof.

But before you tear down the walls in a panicked frenzy, it is wise to confirm that an actual hive exists within your structure. Here are some steps to take correctly identifying a bee infestation inside a structure and effectively resolving the problem.

Step 1 – Identifying The Insect

Honeybees are often mistaken for wasps or another type of bee. If you are able to find a dead insect around any activity, closely observe the creature’s characteristics.

Honeybees are orange/yellow with black rings on abdomen and hair on thorax. Wasps have a smooth body texture. Also, note their nest, honeybees build wax combs and wasps create paper or mud nests.

Step 2 – Locating the Beehive

A few bees buzzing around your property doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bee colony living inside your wall cavities. A good determining factor of whether bees are nesting inside your walls is if you notice bees disappearing into a hole on your siding.

This action confirms bees are entering your structure and likely have started a colony within a cavity.

Step 3 – Removing Bees & Honeycomb From Wall

The final step is not recommended without previous experience of working with bees and some carpentry skills. Once you have confirmed that your pest problem is a honeybee infestation and you have determined the location of the hive, you can begin the bee eradication process.

First, apply smoke from a smoker to calm the bees. Then, you can cut out a portion of your structure that will allow access to the hive. Continue to smoke the area. Start to remove the honeycomb from inside the structure and collecting the bees on the combs with a specialized bee vacuum.

When all the honeycombs are remove and a majority of bees are collected, thoroughly clean up any honey residue and paint inside the cavity to eliminate pheromone scents. You have now successfully removed the hive from inside a wall cavity.

If done correctly, you can repair the cut out portion of your home with the original materials.


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