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Honey Bee Rescue Services in Laguna Niguel – Don’t Kill Bees

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With all the buzz about honeybees flooding the media channels, one has to assume there is an important explanation for the sudden attention – Not just any invertebrate makes top headlines. The infamous Colony Collapse Disorder, alarming bee attacks,  stirring appearances of “killer” bees in new territories, and massive swarms locating in inconvenient locations  are some of the stories – to name a few – trending print and online publications.

The reason for their popularity is in fact because honeybees (apis mellifera) are a key player in Mother Nature. These buzzing creatures pollinate one-third of U.S. crops and produce the high viscosity, sweet substance that we all know as honey.

With all the fascinating aspects of honeybees, the only moment these black and yellow striped become a foe is when they nest in unwanted areas. A hive can be built within practically any covering with an opening of an eighth inch or larger. Trees, irrigation boxes, chimneys, and within the structure of a home are common locations for a beehive.

If bees are on your property and you would like to keep these pollinators alive – just not on your property – our live bee removal service will rescue the unwanted hive. The bees will be collected using a specialized bee vacuum and relocated to a bee apiary. This service is chemical-free and keeps bee alive and transported to an ideal location.

Bee rescue services in Laguna Niguel and all of Orange County is a popular choice for homeowners. It allows the bees to bees extracted from the property without exterminating the hive.

Bees are important to our ecosystem, so if you have a bee problem in Laguna Niguel or the surrounding Orange County area – consider bee rescue with a live bee removal service.


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