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Hiking Safety Tips: Avoid Problems With Bees & Other Insects

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Hiking is a pleasurable pastime shared by people young and old. Being immersed in the tranquil scenery while boosting your cardio – what’s not to enjoy! However, being surrounded by the great outdoors introduces a variety of elements that aren’t as prevalent in the concrete jungle. In fact, just a few steps beyond these hiking trails are homes to animals and insects of all different types.

Since you are trespassing on the habitats of other living creatures, it is important to follow a few tips and precautions to provide a safe and memorable hiking experience.

Hiking Safety Tips

Hike With Partner

Two is better than one. And it allows you to share your experience with someone else and keep you company as you trek through the trail. But most importantly, you have immediate aid if an issue arises during the hike. The uninjured can easily seek medical assistance or carry the wounded to safety. Bring water, snacks, and a pal!

Be Attentive

Your five basic human senses can be used as an advantage while exploring nature.  Your sense of hearing allows you to identify upcoming threats. Listen for warning signals such as rattles from snakes or the hum of a bee colony to avoid disturbing these types of harmful creatures.


This auto injector saves lives – literally. If you are allergic or don’t know if you are allergic to insect stings, like bee venom, you should carry this handy medication dispenser with you. The chemical inside an EpiPen combats allergic reactions by narrowing blood vessels and opens airways in the lungs.

Wear Light-Colored Clothing

A bright-colored shirt and a pollen-producing flower can appear the same to a bee. Your neon tees or tie-dye muscle shirts should be left at home; theses threads can attract many confused bees. While worker bees are usually not attack-prone when collecting pollen, you probably don’t want bees buzzing by you on your peaceful journey.

Be Scent-Free

We’re not talking about BO here – that doesn’t attract bees, but you might lose some hiking partners if it’s too bad. Instead, some perfumes and cologne replicate the scents emitted from flowers and lure nectar-seeking bees toward the source – that being you. So, keep the fancy fragrances off and enjoy the natural scents all around you.

Don’t Panic

As in any problematic situation, you must maintain a clear head to escape danger. Don’t swat at bees buzzing around you – they could interpret this as a threat and sting. If you are under attack, run away from the bees while covering your head. Pull your shirt up to cover the back of your head and neck. Always look where you are going so you do not trip stumble off the hiking trail.

Remove Any Stingers Correctly

If you are stung, be sure to rake your fingernail across the skin to remove the stinger. If you are noticing any signs of an allergic reaction, now is a good time to bring out the EpiPen. Allergic reactions can include swelling, nausea, difficulty breathing, wheezing, and hives. The severity of the symptoms can vary depending on the person.

With these few tips in mind, you can engulf yourself in wilderness and return from your hike unscathed. Just remember, you are entering into undeveloped territory where a variety of creatures live, so be attentive, prepared, odorless, and you should be just fine.


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