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How Fast Do Bees Build Honeycomb – Removing The Right Way

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Depending on how long you have had bees in your home; a different bee removal service solution is needed. Once a swarm of bees infests a structure, the group evolves into a robust hive. Services offered to remove a swarm or a hive in the early stages will not effectively remove a large beehive that has grown over time.

Below is a timeline of illustrations and details about how a swarm develops into a hive of thousands of bees and pounds of honeycomb. Also, provided in each snapshot is a recommended solution to remove the problem during each stage in the hive development process.

1-7 Days

Bees In Your Home From 1 to 7 DaysThe pre-infestation stages of a bee infestation consists of a swarm landing on or near your property to rest while a few bees from the group, called scout bees, search the surrounding area for an ideal nesting location. This search can take up to a few days. At this point, your property is not a permanent spot for the honeybees – the scouts may not find a sufficient location to build a hive and the entire swarm will leave. However, there are techniques available to dissuade the swarm from moving into your home – it’s called Scout Bee Treatment. This treatment will keep scout bees from reporting back to the swarm, thus eliminating the prospective nest locations in your home from being presented to the honeybees as a viable option. However, if the scout bees find a possible nesting area and do report their findings, the swarm will decide to move to the most ideal location presented. The honeybees will slowly filter into a small opening of their new home while storming the surrounding area as other bees wait for their chance to enter. Once the swarm has moved in a Bee Extermination or Live Bee Removal are effective services to extract the bee infestation.

7 Days – 2 Months

A Beehive at 7 Days to 2 MonthsIn approximately 7 days from the initial landing and moving in, the honeybees will have developed from one to three pounds of honeycomb within your structure. Once any comb is created on your property a Honeycomb Removal & Repair service is recommended to extract the hexagonal-celled structure. Leaving any amount of wax comb can increase your chance of attracting another honeybee colony to your home as they can sense the pheromones left behind and reuse the previous hive’s creation. Bee Extermination and Live Bee Removal are still effective methods to remove the bees at this point in time.

3 Months To 1 Year+

A Hive at 3 Months to 1 Year Plus Inside Your HomeAt this timeframe of the infestation, the honeybees will have developed large amounts of honeycomb and have grown the colony to thousands of pollen-collecting insects.  A Honeycomb Removal service is highly recommended at this point since the chance of obtaining another infestation is strong. Another aspect to consider with large amount of honeycomb is the damage that can occur from melting honey soaking into the drywall or the sweet scent of honey attracting other pest infestation such as ants or rodents. A complete extraction of the bees and honeycomb is the only solution to deter the bees from returning.

Bees Continue To Return?

Are Bees A Reoccurring Problem?Honeybees are very calculated creatures, so the fact that honeybees continue to invade your home every year or every few years is not just bad luck. There is a reason for bee colonies to continue to choose your property as a nesting spot. An guaranteed solution to keep bees out for good is a Bee Proofing. With this service, all potential openings for bees to enter and nest are sealed with durable materials. Sealing the entries will close off any nesting prospects, thus causing the bees to move on. Proofing is guaranteed to keep bees from returning for 3 years with the option to extend the warranty every year.

Here is a time lapse video that shows honey bees developing a significant amount of honeycomb in a period of 2 months. Enjoy!

Resolving the bee problem early is always the best choice in bee control management, but no matter when you choose to remove a problematic hive on your property there is always a solution.  Please leave any questions or comments in the section below for answers by bee removal specialists.

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    I need a free estimate on a honeycomb removal. this is the third time Ive had bees removed from my above ground spa and after they are removed I want to destroy the spa and never see it again. Please help and please dont be too expensive :)

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