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Enjoy 25% Off Your Bee Removal or Other ServiceEnjoy 25% Off Your Bee Removal or Other Service

You still have bees in the structure of your home…

Our records indicate that we have recently provided you with a bee removal estimate and the service has not yet been performed.

Without removing the bees, your family and home are at risk. But now you can protect your home & family by getting the bees removed – For 25% less than your current quoted price.

Most of our clients want the bees removed but leave the bee problem unfixed due to cost. That’s why we developed a promotion for clients to save money on this unexpected expense of getting rid of bees.

How to Get 25% OFF Your Bee Removal Service

You are currently on a notification list to be contacted when you can save 25% on your bee removal service.

Occasionally, our bee removal technicians in your area have an opening in their schedule from a cancellation. We need the spot filled – And we are willing to offer 25% off to book that time slot.

That’s when we contact you.

If the time slot works with your schedule make sure to act quickly by calling our office! The discount is given to the first respondent (usually if you call within 5 minutes of the message, you secure the savings).  If not, we’ll notify you when the next savings opportunity becomes available.

This way, we get to keep our techs busy and you get your bees & honeycomb removed for a great price!

You Choose How We Contact You

By default, you are notified of when you can save via the phone number we have on file.  But you can easily change how you are notified to phone, e-mail, text, or all three! Change your contact settings with the form above.  Complete the form and submit.  Simple!

Remember, there is no obligation for being on the list; it is only to notify you of savings!

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Save – Limited Time Offer

You’re on the notification list for only 90 days, or until you request to be removed.  After that, you lose the opportunity to save.  Make sure you respond to the alerts when the time slot works for you.  You don’t want to lose out on saving money getting this much needed service.

Get 25% Off Your Bee Removal Service… Protect Your Family & Home While You’re Saving Money!