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Bee removal is not a simple task. Experience & training is recommended before attempting. Not only can you be severely injured, but your removal can come up unsuccessful – With the bees still there.

To successfully remove the beehive, the bees & honeycomb need to be removed…Or else bees will return. Often the honeycomb is not visible & inaccessible, so cutting into structures is necessary.

But you can remove bees the right way with effective bee removal services from Pro Pacific!

The Aftermath of a Beehive

Aliso Viejo is home to European & Africanized “killer” Honeybees. These bees can build a pound of honeycomb in one day. So leaving the bees in your home for as little as a week could add up to several pounds of honeycomb.

The honeycomb will attract even more bee colonies. Pests & rodents are also attracted to the hive for its sweet smelling honey.

Get rid of bees correctly…Removing only the bees & not the honeycomb will cause the unattended honey to lose viscosity & soak into the drywall of your home.

Aliso Viejo property owners are guaranteed a bee removal service done the right way so you don’t encounter the above problems.

100% Guarantee on All Bee Removal Services

Be assured your beehive will be removed the right way. And if the bees come back, so will we – for no extra charge. Be bee-free today in Aliso Viejo!

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