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Keep Bees Out For Good

Bee infestations come unexpected, but you can effectively remove them with our bee removal services in Coronado. And if you call now, your bee problem will be inspected by a bee removal specialist for FREE – Your bee problem will is now our problem.

We’ll develop a custom bee removal plan made for your hive location and budget.

Want immediate bee removal service? No problem…We have bee removal technicians in the Coronado area that are equipped to get rid of a bee nest of any size. Ask about our same-day service option today!

Successfully Get Rid of Bees in Coronado

After contacting us to handle your bee problem, expect to live like bees were never on your property!

We use the latest bee removal techniques. Our services include:

Live Bee Removal Bee Proofing Honeycomb Removal & Repair
Bee Extermination Scout Bee Treatment FREE Inspection & Estimate

All services will be performed by an experienced technician. Be assured that your bees will never come back – Guaranteed!

Avoid The Risk & Work Needed For A Bee Removal

Removing bees yourself puts you and your home in danger. You are at risk for injury from bee stings. And your home can be damaged by not correctly removing the honeycombs. Other bee colonies can sense where the honeycombs were & return. Or the honey from the remaining honeycomb can soak into the walls.

Call the bee removal experts and get bees removed the right way to avoid:

  • Severe Bee Stings
  • Handling Toxic Chemical Sprays
  • Honey Soaking Into Walls
  • Cutting into Walls or Roofs
  • Working in Hazardous Areas
  • Attracting Other Pests with Leftover Honey


A Bee Removal Service That Gives You More…

We want you to feel confident in the company removing your bees…So we provide a thorough inspection of the beehive to offer the best solutions for the removal and a guarantee on all the work performed on your home.

The practical bee removal options will be carefully explained to you by our knowledgeable technician – You’ll easily be able to make a decision on the bee removal service!

Our Bee Removal Service Protects Your Home & Family

Coronado is a peninsula that has been identified as an island until recently. With only a small piece of the peninsula connecting Coronado to the mainland, honeybees manage to invade homes in this area.

When the bees swarm, you need your family and home protected – Call the bee experts from Pro Pacific. Bees can attack at any moment if they are provoked or feel threatened – Remove bees now for protection to your family.

Your home can also be harmed by the beehive not being correctly removed. Honeycomb will remain in the structure causing the honey to drip and soak into walls & attract other pests. Not to mention bees will most likely return for the establish honeycomb.

Call our Coronado Office Today For Bee Removal Services

Full bee removal services are offered in Coronado by Pro Pacific Bee Removal. A customer service representative can assist your with your bee problem today!

And if you call now, a bee removal tech will offer FREE tips & techniques to keep bees away- for good.

Call today to get your FREE inspection and estimate done with no-obligation!

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