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Lake Elsinore warms up in the summer & bees begin to swarm. And when bees swarm they are looking for a place to nest. Lake Elsinore property owners are at risk for a bee infestation.

Act Fast When It Comes To Bee Infestations

If you call our bee removal specialist before they actually move in, we can provide scout bee treatments to discourage them from moving into your home. If they have already moved, we offer full bee removal services that guarantee a bee-free home in Lake Elsinore.

Through exterminations or live bee removals all the bees on your property will be gone. And you can even get the honeycomb removed to avoid a bee re-infestation or structural damage from honey.

Keep Bees Away From Your Property…For Good

You can ensure bees won’t be able to invade your structure with a bee-proof service. All openings or crevices in the structure of your home will be sealed. It will be impossible for bees to enter…Guaranteed!

You Get More With Our Bee Removal Service

Before any work is done, our bee removal specialists will inform you of the process to get rid of the beehive. You can have confidence in our service to correctly remove the bees…so they won’t return.

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Pro Pacific Bee Removal has provided effective bee removal services in Lake Elsinore for over 10 years. We plan to continue providing exceptional service in the Lake Elsinore area.

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