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Get Rid of Bees On Your Property For Good

You may be noticing bee activity on your property near roof eaves, chimneys, and soffits. The beehive should be removed quickly before the bees are a bigger problem. The bee population and amount of honeycomb on your property will grow fast.

By the 6th day in your structure the bees will have built plenty of honeycombs that can eventually cause home damage. But you can remove the bee problem today – And never have to worry about bees again.

All Services Come With a Guarantee

You can use our service to guarantee the bees will be gone. And if they come back, we’ll return at no additional charge to you!

We use effective techniques that get rid of bees & keep them out…for good! We have been providing the same effective service to Perris property owners since 1997.

Be assured that the bee problem will be handled correctly & in a timely manner.

Leave the Bees to the Pros

Bee removals should only be performed by people with experience. Severe consequences can results.

If the bees are not calmed during a removal, they will attack in large numbers. Not only that, if the honeycombs are not removed & cleaned up correctly the bees will return…putting you in the same situation with bees.

Remove bees the right way with Pro Pacific Bee Removal!

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