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Bee infestations are easy to obtain but difficult to remove. A beehive will consist of thousands of bees that swarm your property, leaving the neighborhood susceptible to bee stings…Your home could be damaged as well.

But don’t live with bees another day…Pro Pacific Bee Removal can get rid of bees now in San Jacinto! You can reclaim your property & never share your home with bees again.

Bee Eradication Service Made For You

Each bee infestation is different so our technicians will inspect the bee activity & create a bee removal plan that is most effective for the situation.

Better yet, the initial inspection/estimate is free & you have no obligation to the service.

Can I Remove The Bees Myself?

We do not recommend anyone that is inexperienced in bee removals to attempt. Not only for the risk of injury, but for being unsuccessful & have bees come back. The bees & honeycombs should be correctly removed to prevent a re-infestation.

Bee removal work requires extensive labor & structural repair to correctly remove the hive. Get rid of bees the right way – Today with Pro Pacific!

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You will receive bee removal services that have been used in San Jacinto for over 10 years. And each service evolves with the industry to provide you with the most effective bee removals.

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