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Have A Bee-Free Home – Today!

You shouldn’t delay when bees are on your property. You can prevent bees from moving in permanently or stopping the hive & honeycombs from growing by calling us now… Save time & money with us!

Each Service Is A Custom Plan For Your Specific Problem

Consider this: Which do you think would provide better Chinese food, an American Diner or an authentic Chinese cuisine? The cuisine of course! Although both are restaurants, they specialize in two different types of food. And there’s the same difference between bee removal & pest control companies.

We specialize only in removing bees from properties. We have the specialty tools & experience to make the right recipe to effectively remove beehives in Westminster.

Get Protected With a Bee Control Service

Having the bees removed not only protects you & your family…But the entire Westminster neighborhood. Bees are protective of their hive and will travel a couple of miles to defend their hive.

But you can effectively remove the hive so the bees don’t return. Be protected from bees with us!

Our Promise Households With Bee Problems

  • Bee-Free Property in Westminster- Guaranteed!
  • Protection From Bee Stings & Costly Home Repairs
  • Fast Results – We offer same-day service & local technicians in Westminster
  • Convenience in Scheduling- You get service right when you need us!

Pro Pacific Bee Removal provides a bee removal service that has proven its effectiveness Westminster residents for over 10 years. Expect the same quality service today!

Call our Westminster office today for an inspection, tips, and a bee removal estimate – all for free!

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