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And The Winner is…..Dog Nominated After Eating Beehive

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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A Golden Labrador retriever in Santee, CA is nominated in the second annual “Hambone Award” Contest for eating a whole beehive. Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. runs the contest to award the family with the most unusual insurance claim for a pet.

Ellie, the bee-eating lab, ingested a beehive that was left after a bee extermination job. The beehive was believed to have been covered in thousands of dead bees and possibly some pesticides. Fortunately, the dog was given immediate veterinary care that was covered by the insurance and the dog suffered no serious illness making for a full recovery.

The public can vote for their favorite unusual claim on the insurance company’s webpage and the winner will be announced at the end of the month.

It is unsure what attracted Ellie to the beehive, maybe the sweet, crispy honeycomb or the whole chemical concoction.  Nonetheless, the strange diet this dog possesses could make for a beneficial team member at Pro Pacific cleaning up the dirty work after a bee removal job.

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