Pro Pacific Bee Removal


Pro Pacific Bee Removal: Our Philosophy on Customer Service

For those of us who work at Pro Pacific Bee Removal, our singular goal is to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. We are not happy until you are satisfied with the bee removal job. We offer free, no-obligation inspections and estimates of bee removal jobs and back up all our work with money-back guarantees. That’s how sure we are that we can take care of your bee problems.

We Do It Right, The First Time

Another way in which Pro Pacific Bee Removal has set itself apart from the competition is in how we approach the job of bee removal. We pride ourselves on doing the job right, which means finding and getting rid of all traces of honey and honeycomb once a bee removal job is done.

Too many bee removal companies and pest control companies who claim they do bee removal work do it wrong. This may mean leaving honeycomb behind inside a sealed up home or other structure, which practically ensures that other bees will be attracted to the same location for months and possibly years to come.

Abandoned honeycomb also attracts wax moths, rats, and other pests who like to feed off the honey. Leaving honeycomb behind can have longstanding and costly effects for property owners. At Pro Pacific Bee Removal, we never leave honeycomb behind after a bee removal job.

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