Pro Pacific Bee Removal

Our Quality Guarantees

All honeycomb removal and repair work from Pacific Bee Removal carries a warranty of up to one year. That means if bees return to the same location or one that is within a five-foot radius from the treated area, Pro Pacific will re-service the job at no additional cost.

Pro Pacific provides a 30-day warranty on extermination and live removal jobs where there was no honeycomb detected. Again, if bees return to the same location or within a five-foot radius within those 30 days, we will take care of it at no cost. Our scout bee treatments also carry a 30-day warranty which includes a five-foot radius from the treated location.

All bee proofing jobs carry a three-year warranty. Once we service your structure, we guarantee that if bees return for a period of three years, we will re-service the job again, at no further cost to you.

These guarantees are our promise to you that we will do the job right, the first time.

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