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Can't I Just Exterminate the Bees?

No, you should not, for a couple reasons. First, if honeycomb is present in your structure and no bees are there to maintain it after the extermination, it will begin to melt and cause ugly stains and structural damages to your home.

Second, if the honeycomb is left there, even if it is sealed up, other bees will be able to smell it and will come looking for the source of the smell. They will either dig through the seal to access the abandoned honeycomb or they will establish their new hive somewhere along the structure.

Third, eventually wax moths will begin to appear to eat the wax along with rodents and ants coming to eat honey and establish nests. These pests can cause further damage to your property and require additional pest-control work to get rid of them. This is why at Pro Pacific Bee Removal, we specialize in removing honeycomb along with swarms to reduce the risks of recurring problems once the pests are gone.

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