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Bee Proofing

If you live in Southern California, you can expect that your home or other structure will get a bee hive about once every 15 years. You may get bees more or less often and you may never have a problem with bees. These common pests can cause serious property damage and pose a threat to public safety by stinging or harrassing people and animals. They should not be taken lightly.

If you feel like bees may be targeting your home for whatever reason and they seem to be returning again and again, you may want to consider a bee proofing service by Pro Pacific Bee Removal. Or if this is your first bee infestation problem and you want to eliminate the possibility of it happening again, you could benefit from a bee proofing.

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After bees and/or honeycomb have been removed from your home, office, or other structure, our bee proofing technicians will carefully inspect the area for tiny cracks, crevices, and openings where bees may enter. Using 1/8-inch wire mesh, expanding foam, caulking, cement, and other materials, our technicians will seal or cover the openings to prevent bees from re-entering.

Our bee-proofing projects are guaranteed by a three-year warranty. If bees return and get into your structure during that time in an area Pro Pacific bee proofed, we will re-service the job at no additional cost to you.

In some instances, it may be possible to do what is called a “partial bee proof,” which means treating and sealing up only a portion of a structure rather than the entire structure. A partial bee proof is perfect for homes or other structures where bees have only been returning to the same specific location. In such cases, it may not make sense to bee proof the entire structure, since the bees are only attracted to the same area of the structure. In partial bee proofs, only the portion of the structure that was bee proofed is covered by the three-year warranty.

Think of bee proofing as an excellent insurance policy to prevent bees from returning after the removal of a bee hive.

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