Pro Pacific Bee Removal

Live Bee Removal

Many of our bee removal clients want us to carefully collect and move the bees from their property without killing the insects. Bees serve a vital role in nature by pollinating plants, so many people want to preserve the insects. Other clients do not want our technicians to use harsh chemicals needed to exterminate bees near their homes or families. In either case, a live bee removal is a good option.

What is a Live Bee Removal?

In a live removal of bees, a Pro Pacific Bee Removal technician uses smoke to calm the bees down so they can be carefully and harmlessly collected using a vacuum. The bees are then taken to a local beekeeper, where they can live out their lives making honey. When a smaller bee swarm is clinging to a tree branch, a fence, or other open area, the technician may be able to collect the bees by simply cutting the branch or shaking it to drop the bees into a recepticle.

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Pro Pacific Bee Removal technicians are equipped to do live removals in cases where the process is an option. In some rare cases, a live removal of honeybees is not a viable option. Our technician can explain when and where a live removal is possible and when it is not.

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