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Scout Bee Treatment

Just because you have bees buzzing around your home or other structure does not necessarily mean you have an active bee hive. You may be looking at scout bees, which are sent out from a swarm to look for a new home for a hive. To the untrained eye, scout bees can look just like bees from an active hive. Bee experts, however, can notice subtle differences in how the bees are behaving to tell whether the bees are scouting or if they are part of an active bee hive inside the structure.

If you do not take quick action to discourage the scouts from returning with tens of thousands of their fellow bees, there is a 50-50 chance that your home will be invaded soon by a swarm of aggressive bees, which can cause substantial damage to your property and pose a public safety risk. Scout bees typically scout out an area for about three days before moving the larger swarm in permanently. If you have had bees buzzing around the area for five days or longer, it is safe to assume that you are seeing bees from an active and growing hive, not just scout bees.

If you suspect that you have scout bees buzzing around your home or another type of structure, call Pro Pacific Bee Removal today at 1-866-904-BEES and schedule a free inspection and estimate. We have proven solutions to get rid of scout bees and keep them away.

How Can I Tell if I Have Scout Bees?

For one, scout bees generally are not as aggressive as colonized bees, which tend to be more confrontational to perceived threats since they are guarding their precious honey and baby bees. Also, if the bees around your house appear to be hovering over a larger area of your structure, such as above roof tiles or a section of eves under your roof, rather than coming and going from a specific location, they are most likely scout bees.

If you are not seeing a steady stream of in and out traffic of bees coming and going from one specific entry point location on your home, you are most likely seeing scout bees.

Scout bees may get inside your home, but the good news is they are not aggressive and really have no interest in stinging you. Usually, scout bees get inside your home by accident while looking for a new hive location and want to get out just as bad as you want them out. Most of the time, they will fly toward a window or other source of light and die within a few hours when they can’t get out.

What Can I Do About Scout Bees?

If you have scout bees at your home, a Pro Pacific Bee Removal technician can use products to treat the area where the bees are scouting. This barrier treatment will repel the scout bees and discourage them from calling the thousands of other bees to establish a colony there. A scout bee treatment from Pro Pacific Bee Removal is covered by a 30-day guarantee which includes the area where the scout bees were seen and a five-foot radius around that area. If the hive manages to get past our barrier treatment and establish a colony inside your structure, we will come out and take care of the new hive at no additional cost to you.

It is always a good idea to treat for scout bees. The last thing you want to do is assume you have scout bees only to find out you have an active bee hive somewhere in your structure.

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