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What Are the Bees Doing?

Most of the time, a swarm of bees is looking to establish a hive. A typical bee hive consists of about 4,000 to 6,000 bees. They can swarm to their chosen location and move into a structure in as little as 15 minutes. After the swarm has moved in, about 10 to 25 of the thousands of worker bees in the hive will be travelling to and from the location throughout the day. It is the job of these worker bees to forage for food for the rest of the hive. Upon their return to the hive, the worker bees are filled with nectar and carrying pollen, which are used as building materials for the bees to make honeycomb and grow their hive.

The bees will start working on building their hive the same day that they move into their new home. A new bee hive can start to build anywhere from half a pound to a pound of honeycomb per day. This is why it is important to get any bee infestations taken care of as soon as possible, to limit the amount of honeycomb produced so that structural removals and repairs will not be necessary.

After the bees have been there for seven days or longer, they will have built enough honeycomb to create other problems for the structure.  These problems may include honey melting, which causes noticeable stains and structural damages, new bee hives returning to the area because they can smell the honey and assume it is a place to live, as well as wax moths, ants and rodents that will want to come and feed on honey and establish nests nearby.

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