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Why Did the Bees Pick My Property?

There’s most likely nothing you did intentionally to attract bees to your home. Bees are drawn to just about any type of void that will offer them shelter and protection. In many cases, they find suitable shelter inside parts of a home, office building, shed, or other type of structure or somewhere else on property. Swarms may also take shelter in trees or shrubs. The parts of a structure where bees commonly gather may include chimneys, wall voids, attics, crawl spaces, barbeques, irrigation valve boxes, and wood or other debris that is stacked in a way to create a nice living space for bees.

While a swarm of bees may only stop off temporarily on your property before moving on to another location, once the bees have colonized and established a hive, they are most often there to stay. You should not wait to find out if bees are colonizing or just swarming through your property, because once a hive is established, it can quickly grow and turn into a big problem, almost overnight.

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