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Removal and Repair Services

Once a bee hive has been removed from a location – through either live removal or extermination – many people think the work is done. But that’s not the case. Leaving an abandoned honeycomb behind inside the walls, roof, or other area of a home can have disastrous effects. Other bees are sure to smell the honeycomb and come to the location, even several years later, looking to establish a hive there.

Also, ants, wax moths, rats, and other pests like to feed off the honey and wax in abandoned honeycomb. This can cause ongoing and costly problems associated with a bee-removal job that failed to eliminate all of the honeycomb.

Removal and repair is a service Pro Pacific Bee Removal offers to get rid of honeycomb after a bee colony has been exterminated or relocated through a live removal. In either case, it is imperative that the honeycomb be removed and the area be thoroughly cleaned to discourage bees from returning to the site.

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Depending on how long the bees have been working on their colony, there may be as much as 20 or 30 pounds of honeycomb buried deep inside the walls of your home, in your roof or attic, or another area. If you have been seeing bees in the area for seven days or longer, it is likely you have honeycomb that must be removed.

In addition to attracting other bees and other pests, honeycomb that is left behind inside a sealed structure will begin to melt on warm days. This will allow honey and the honeycomb to drip down into your walls, ceiling, and other areas, causing noticeable stains. It can be very difficult to remove honeycomb damage from a structure and keep bees and other pests away in the future.

It is best to remove honeycomb within five to 10 days after hive has been treated and removed to prevent permanent damage from melting honeycomb.

What is a Removal and Repair Service?

In a removal and repair service, a Pro Pacific Bee Removal technician will pinpoint the location of your house or other building where the honeycomb is located. The technician may need to cut holes in your walls, remove some roof tiles, or take apart other portions of your structure to access the honeycomb. Once the honeycomb has been completely removed (this process is also called a “honeycomb cut-out”), the area is cleaned and our technicians paint over the portion where the honeycomb was attached to the structure. This masks the smell of the honeycomb and any pheromones that other bees may detect, even years later, to attract them to the former honeycomb site.

Rest assured that our trained bee-removal technicians will take all due care in doing this work and will replace all removed parts to leave the structure in the same condition it was when we found it. After closing the structure and restoring it to its previous condition, our technicians will inspect and seal the areas where the bees had gained access to your home as well as a five-foot radius from that location to ensure that the bees do not have any openings to return.

At Pro Pacific Bee Removal, we consider removal and repair service as essential to see that bees and other pests are not attracted to return.

Our removal and repair work is covered by up to a one-year warranty, which applies to the former honeycomb site as well as a five-foot radius from the location.

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