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Bees Still a Threat, Despite Global Die Off

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You may have seen or heard news reports lately about a mysterious drop in the honeybee population worldwide. Scientists and researchers from around the world say for the past four years, bees have been dying in larger numbers.

Authorities are not sure what is causing the decline, but many suspect the increased use of pesticides in fields and orchards where bees are used to pollinate crops is causing the drop. Bad weather across the United States this past winter figures to worsen the bees’ situation, officials warn.

Honeybees provide a vital service in nature, pollinating plants that produce about one-third of the food people eat. Some farmers have said they are having a hard time finding enough healthy bees to keep their crops alive. The drop in the world’s bee populations may therefore have a direct effect on the foods your family buys at the grocery store.

Are Bees Swarming Your Home or Office?

If you have a bee swarm around your home, office, or other type of structure, news of the honeybees dying in greater numbers probably doesn’t mean much to you. Honeybees are still found in large numbers across most of Southern California and the insects present a substantial nuisance. In the most serious cases, bees also present a threat to public safety by stinging people, particularly those who are allergic to bee stings.

Bee swarms can occupy walls, attics, and other areas of structures and my go undetected for days or weeks. During that time, tens of thousands of bees may establish a colony and start producing honey.  Bee hives cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and other structures across the United States each year.

So, while the world’s honeybee population may be in decline, if you have a swarm of bees buzzing around your property or worse yet inside your home, news of the global decline in bees likely is of little consolation. If your house or other structure has been taken over by a bee swarm, call Pro Pacific Bee Removal today at 866-904-BEES (2337) to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate of your bee removal project.

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