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Bumble Boy Rescues Girl From Bee Attack!

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It’s a bird… it’s a plane… It is Bumble Boy! The 11 year-old boy that became a hero as he saved a 13 year-old girl from a killer bee attack. Here is the story:

In a distant land not so long ago, 5 children were playing in a wooden area near the town village when an angry swarm of Africanized Bees had had enough of the children’s unintentional threats to the bee’s nest and unleashed a vicious attack on the five youngsters.

As the first bee yelled “Charge!” and took his life with a sting, the children began their escape to safety with the two boys plunging into the nearest body of water and the three girls running to a nearby building. The escape route was almost successful for all victims until one of the girls tripped, sending her straight to the dirt and becoming an easy target for the bees.

Meanwhile, one of the boys that had jumped in the water, inconspicuously transformed into the life-saving hero of the town: Bumble Boy.  The town hero quickly readied himself and valiantly jumped into action to fight off the buzzing villains and rescue the injured girl. The girl was swiftly brought to her feet and flown to shelter by Bumble Boy (with a few stops to some flower patches, of course!)

All the children’s wounds were immediately tended to and the bad guys were put to rest. Thanks to the brave hero that faces fear with his wit and agility, the days of horrid bee attack stories are over.

Based on actual events.

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