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Where Do Bees Go in San Diego During the Winter?

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In San Diego County, most of the commotion of bee swarms and bee attacks is reported in the middle of the year during our warm, summer months. Summer is when honeybees are most active collecting pollen and nectar from blooming plants to create enough to last them through the winter.  Bee removal services are mostly need during the peak summer days when the bees travel in thick swarms.

It is common to spot honeybees during the warmer months because practically every flower patch or garden will have a group of working bees. Bee attacks are also common because while they are preparing for the winter, they are very protective of their hives so any slight threat will trigger an attack.

So, as the temperature begins to drop and the flowers aren’t in bloom, what keeps a honeybee busy? A honey bee will stop flying when the temperature is in the 50s (F). Although the weather in San Diego rarely gets cold enough for flight to stop completely, the bees will generally stay inside the hive and form a cluster.  The cluster is where the bees will huddle together to keep warm with the warmest part being the center where the queen bee is kept. Worker bees create heat by shivering and will rotate from the inner to the outer part of the cluster so all bees can remain warm.

On warmer days in the winter, short flights are made for the bees to eliminate body waste. Flights don’t last long because if they stay out too long their bodies will get too cold making it unable for them to return to the hive. Honeybees do not hibernate and will use honey for energy until the warmer weather comes.

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