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A Safe, Successful Live Bee Removal in Poway

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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Bee extermination is not the only method to removing the bees from your property or structure. Live bee removals allow homeowners/property managers and bees to live happily.  The homeowner will have their house bee-free and restored to normal and the bees will transported to an apiary to continue their daily routines of growing their colonies and producing honey.

Not only do live bee removals protect our buzzing creatures that pollinate $15 billion worth of U.S. crops, but they also protect homes and buildings from major damage. It is common belief that the few bees visible, going to and fro from a structure, make up the entire colony and are not a threat to people or the property. Conversely, a honeybee colony usually consists of thousands of bee and produces pounds of honeycombs which can cause serious home damage and unsafe conditions for humans.

Similarly, a property manager in Poway called a bee control company to perform a live bee removal on a building that contained more than 20,000 bees.  The property manager knew that there was bees in the roof eaves for some time but did not expect to find thousands of bees covering 24 drenched honeycomb sheets inside the structure.  The bees were removed within a few hours and transported to a nearby apiary.

The decline in honeybees, known as Colony Collapse Disorder, has sparked a higher demand from people reluctant to exterminate the bees.  So, if you ever need your bees removed, know that there are alternatives that can restore your home, preserve the bee population and possibly leave you with a few jars of fresh honey.

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