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At Pro Pacific Bee Removal, we put a premium on providing exceptional customer service to our valued clients throughout San Diego and southwest Riverside counties. As part of that pledge, we offer quality guarantees on all our bee removal work to show that we will do the work right the first time, or we will come back out to fix the problem at no additional cost to you.

All honeycomb removal and repair work from Pacific Bee Removal carries a warranty of up to one year. If bees return to the same location or to an area that is within a five-foot radius from the area we treated during that time, a Pro Pacific technician will re-service the job at no additional cost. You can rest assured that once Pro Pacific treats your bee problem, you will be covered.

Pro Pacific also provides a 30-day warranty on extermination and live bee removal jobs where there was no honeycomb detected or removed. If bees return to the same location or within a five-foot radius within those 30 days, we will take care of it at no cost to you.

A treatment for scout bees also carries a 30-day warranty, which includes a five-foot radius from the treated location.

Bee Proofing Guarantees

All bee proofing jobs by Pro Pacific Bee Removal carry a three-year warranty. In a bee proofing, our trained technicians use 1/8-inch wire mesh, caulking, and other materials to seal up all those tiny crevices and openings in your structure that bees can use to gain access. A bee proofing often is recommended after repeated infestations by bees at the same location.

Once we bee proof your home or structure, we guarantee that if bees return for a period of three years, we will re-service the job again, at no further cost to you. In a partial bee proof, where only a specific portion of your home rather than the entire structure is sealed up, only the portion treated carries the three-year guarantee.

At Pro Pacific Bee Removal, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of our work at the quality guarantees we offer with our bee removal work!

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