Pro Pacific Bee Removal

Pro Pacific Does Pests, Too!

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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You already know that Pro Pacific is experienced handling bee swarms, but did you know our company also is a leading provider of pest control services throughout San Diego and southwest Riverside counties?

Pro Pacific Pest Control technicians are trained and equipped to control ants, spiders, and other pets that are causing you problems. We also have solutions to pesky birds and rodents such as mice and rats that you may want to get rid of. A routine bi-monthly, quarterly, or one-time/annual pest control service from Pro Pacific protects your family and your property from a wide variety of pests.

Our Triple Barrier Protection plan guards your property at the fence line, where your landscaping meets sidewalks, patios and other hardscape, and at the base of your structure where pests may be entering. With Pro Pacific on your side, you can rest easy that bugs, birds, rodents, and other pests are under control.

So, the next time ants, rats, or other pests make themselves at home on your property, call Pro Pacific at 1-800-PEST CONTROL for fast, effective, and guaranteed pest control results. At Pro Pacific, we’re not just about bees!

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