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Bee Attacks & Bee Extraction Continues in San Diego, Chollas View

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Don’t throw your contact information for your local bee removal company in San Diego just yet. Just this past Saturday a group of seven people were attacked by a swarm of bees in Chollas View, a community in southeast San Diego.

Witnesses stated the bees were agitated because a person had previously attempted to remove the hive from a backyard and place them in the back of a small brown truck. The bees attacked the group of seven from the truck.

Fortunately, none of the stings were fatal. Five from the group were taken to the hospital for treatment, including a 16-year old that was stung on the face.

The owner of the truck was unavailable after the incident & a bee removal company was called to remove the bees.

This is another one of the many stories this year about bee attacks. Some entomology experts are stating that bees, especially Africanized “Killer” Honeybees are more aggressive this year than ever before.

Only if you have been hiding under a rock, you have not heard countless stories just in San Diego about swarms of bees and their harmful attacks.

If you are attacked by bees, make sure to cover your face and head indoors quickly. Honeybees target the head during attacks. Seek medical attention if any swelling or dizziness occurs.

Stay away from beehives. Let the bee exterminators in San Diego remove your beehive.

Pro Pacific Bee Removal removes beehives for Chollas View & San Diego properties. Free estimates.


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