Pro Pacific Bee Removal

Get Rid of Bees To Eliminate the Risk Of Bee Attacks

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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From Huntington Beach to Yorba Linda, Pro Pacific protects residents in Orange County from the dreaded bee attacks.

You may assume you don’t have to worry about bee attacks since you are never near any beehives or that you’ll know how to escape when a swarm surrounds you. But in actuality bees can be found almost anywhere & when an attack is unexpected, you may lose your ability to properly react.

All honeybees need to survive is sufficient covering and a nearby pollen source. Suburban areas & rural areas make no difference to bees when it comes to where they will build their colony.

That leaves you, as a resident of densely populated areas like Huntington Beach & Yorba Linda, at risk for a bee attack.

Recently, a boy near Mexicali was severely stung by Africanized honeybees as he was just walking by, according to reports. And similar situations have occurred closer to home around San Diego County. So you can see it doesn’t take much to rile these stinging insects up.

An occasional inspection for bee activity on your property will help reduce the risk of bee attacks. If you spot a nest on your property, contact a bee removal professional in your area to assist you with the removal.

The sooner you get a bee removal, the less likely chance of a bee attack. Be protected today, we service all of Orange County for bee removal – from Huntington Beach to Yorba Linda.

And live bee removals are offered, so the bees can continue to live just not on your property. They will be transported to a more suitable area – like an apiary!


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