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Check If Your Bee Exterminator Is Licensed & Insured For Your Safety

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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What’s more risky than not getting a beehive removed from your property? Getting a bee removal service by a technician that is not licensed or insured!

By hiring a company like this to do your bee removal work, you risk much more than a swarm of bees left in your home. You take on full financial liability for damages to you & your neighbor’s property, plus any injuries to the bee removal technician.

A serious injury to the worker can cost you well over the price of the bee removal service if the company is not insured. To protect yourself from risk of financial responsibility of a business, do your research before hiring.

Request proof of insurance – Make sure the policy is current & includes General Liability & Worker’s Comp.

Check the Structural Pest Board For License Status – Ensure the status of their license is clear.

California law is set up to have a check system on insurance & licensing. So, you can’t have insurance without being licensed & vice versa.

If you can’t find a company on the Structural Pest Board, it is safe to believe they are NOT insured!

Pro Pacific Bee Removal is licensed, insured, and bonded to remove bees from residential & commercial properties.

Contact us today for effective bee removal & bee exterminator services in San Diego, Riverside, & OC!


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