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Removing Bees Can Save Pets From Fatal Bee Attacks in San Diego

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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To a pet owner, an outdoor pet should be in an enclosed backyard with secure gates and no loose boards with plenty of food, water, and toys. But with more parts of the United States having a problem with swarming honeybees and near unbearable summer heat, alternate locations for pet living are being sought after.

Numerous stories are reported each year about dogs and horses in San Diego and around the county that are attacked by swarms of Africanized & European Honeybees. Recently, a male pitbull in Lantana, Fl was tied up in a backyard when tons of bees began to sting the dog. The dog was unable to escape the bees and was stung to death as a result.

Pets can be defenseless against a large volume of stinging bees. You can provide protection for your pets in San Diego by following a few guidelines. The tips below will help your pets avoid serious or fatal bee attacks.

  • Inspect Property For Bees – Checking trees, roof eaves, and other areas where your pet will be for bee activity will guarantee barking or motions won’t send the bees into attack mode.
  • Immediately Remove Any Bees – Have or bee removal or bee exterminator specialist in San Diego remove the beehive. Removing the hive early will prevent the bees from building honeycomb and becoming more aggressive on guarding the honeycombs.
  • Never tie up an unmonitored pet – Typing up a pet will limit their ability to escape a bee attack. Instead, set up electric pet barriers or secure fence.
  • All pets inside while mowing lawn – Loud machinery noises will aggravate an establish bee colony. Your pet could end up the target if the bees decide to attack.
  • Spray Pets With Water If Attacked – Bees will cover an animal’s body when attacking. Spraying them with water will help keep bees off of your pet.

Bees are aggressive if they have an established hive they are protecting. Remove a hive on your property today to protect your home, family, pets, and neighbors. If you pet is stung, contact your vet immediately.

Pro Pacific Bee Removal offers effective hive removal services to keep your pets safe – Call today!


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