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Active Bee Swarms Keep Technicians Busy In Riverside

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A beehive on your property is frustrating and can even lead you to making unreasonable decisions. In the past, numerous stories in Riverside and other parts of the country reported houses being burned down after unsuccessful bee removal attempts with a lighter and an aerosol can. Recently, a man in took vengeance for his friend that was stung by bees. The man doused a beehive in a tree with gasoline and ignited the hive causing a loud explosion that took the tree along with the hive.

Not only can these actions cause severe property or structural damage, they can be fatal. Fortunately, a woman in Lake Elsinore encountered the more docile European Honeybee as she sprayed pesticides in a tree hole. Otherwise, she could have been attacked by thousands of aggravated Africanized aka “Killer” Bees. However, the woman was still unable to effectively remove the hive in Lake Elsinore. A bee removal exterminator was called on the scene to destroy the hives in the palm trees.

Africanized bees have become more prevalent in Riverside and surrounding areas. These aggressive bugs have made headlines in Riverside County several times this year.

In Menifee, the swarming bees stung two horses to death on ranch in June. And only a month later another group of bees severely injured a man and killed his horse in Riverside.

On August 8th, the Good Hope area, west of Perris, was struck with a bee attack that sent three people to the hospital to be treated for numerous bee stings. Two people suffered more than 20 stings. Unless you are allergic, a human body can endure about 10 stings per pound. But only one sting can be lethal if the person is allergic to the bee venom.

Africanized bees were first spotted in Riverside County in 1994 and have continued to rapidly grow in population with this year resulting in an influx of bee incidents.

Entomology experts have attributed the growth to the wet winter and spring experienced in Riverside County and the cooler summer. Under these conditions, natural vegetation has been able to thrive providing a plentiful food supply for bees.

Bees are able to produce strong bee colonies that eventually split into more hives as the colony grows. Once the honeybees have established a nest, they become very protective over their food supply and brood. The bees are more aggressive than normal at this point.

Contact our bee removal specialists in Riverside when you notice bee activity on your property. Removing the beehive early can prevent fatal bee attacks.

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