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Bees Attacks More Intense This Year in San Diego, Riverside…

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Report after report, story after story, incident after incident…bee attacks are a reoccurring event happening in San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, and throughout the western hemisphere.

Is this a result of a more aggressive honeybee or just more exposure to the stinging insect because of their larger population?

Before the question is answered, one must understand what causes a bee attack.

Bee removal companies in San Diego remain busy through the bee- and post-bee season. Distressed residential and commercial property owners call for assistance and information on removing bee swarms from their property. The bee swarms can often contain thousands of honeybees.

But a bee swarm is usually harmless if the bee colony doesn’t have an established hive. It is the bee colony that is nested in a tree or home with plenty of honeycomb that should raise concern.  These bees are protective of their hive and are easily provoked by commotion near the nest.

Usually a physical or audible disturbance will trigger the bee attack. The hum of large machinery or electric hand tools can aggravate the bees. Recently in Santa Ana, a man was attacked by bees at a junk yard and three others were also stung after assisting the man.

Another story involved a 1,000-pound hog and a pregnant sow that were severely stung by a massive hive on a farm. The hive contained tens of thousands of bees that killed the hog and put the sow into a coma.

A less serious but still notable bee incident occurred on the 18th hole of Waterchase Invitational in Fort Worth, Texas.  A beehive that contained an estimated 70,000 fell from the tree limb where it was perched. The bees swarmed the area but only stung a few bystanders. However, the golf tournament was canceled due to the bees.

So are the bee colonies this year meaner or just bigger in size….We think both! Today’s honeybee can likely be the hybrid (or full-bred) of the more aggressive honeybee: the Africanized “Killer” Bee!

The combination of this more aggressive bee and a larger population directly contributes to the more frequent and serious bee attacks.

Contacting a bee removal exterminator quickly after you notice any bee activity on your property or notifying the owner of the property can help decrease the chance of a bee attack.

Pro Pacific Bee Removal will effectively remove bees from any property in San Diego, Riverside, or Orange County.

Contact our office today for a free inspection & estimate on effective bee removal services!


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