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Use Bee Extraction Services For Bee Infestations

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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With the recent bee attacks occurring around the nation, the safety awareness for bees needs to be addressed so anyone that encounters a swarm of bees will know how to react.

Every year around spring and summer, bees will begin swarming looking for a place to build a new nest when their previous hive has become overcrowded. One can see thousands of bees flying within close range when a bee swarm occurs.

Generally, bees are not aggressive when they swarm since they have no honeycomb to protect but an attack is still possible. Keep your distance from any hive or swarm you spot.

Also, during the warmer months before any activities or yard work is done, do a thoroughly inspect for any bee activity. If there is bee activity, have the bees removed before anything is done on the property.

Bees can easily be disturbed with loud machinery or playing children.

Call a local bee removal company, when you notice bees. A bee removal specialist will be able to inspect the bee nest and provide you with solutions to effectively remove the beehive.

However if you are a victim of a bee attack, here is a list of things you can do to protect yourself from the bees:

  • Run to shelter
  • Use clothing around your head to protect your face from bees
  • Do not swat at bees
  • Make sure you have gone at least 200 yards from the initial attack
  • Do not jump into water
  • Once you are safe from bees, inspect body for stingers and remove all with a flat edge
  • Seek medical attention immediately if you feel dizzy or nauseous

Pro Pacific Bee Removal can assist you with your bee infestation at anytime – Emergency services are available! We provide free inspections to residents & property owners in San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, and southern Los Angeles County.

Call  today to protect your home & family from bees with an effective bee removal service.


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