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When a bee hive lands on a tree, the bees will either stay permanently (until extraction) or temporarily rest until a permanent nesting location is found. At this point, you have two options: Remove the bees or wait to see if the bees are just resting and eventually move on.

The only downside of the latter option is the bees very well may leave the tree, but only to relocate inside the structure of your home.

It is important to understand what the hive is attempting to accomplish as they cluster together on your tree. A swarm of bees is simply a new hive that has split from a previous bee colony. The reason this swarm has split from an established colony is from overcrowding in the nest.

Therefore, a portion of the existing colony will leave with a queen bee to establish a new, strong honeybee colony. But the quest to locate a suitable living area for the new hive can require ample time.

While scout bees are searching for secure locations for building honeycomb and establishing a nest, a majority of the swarm will rest in varying spots protecting the queen.

And this is where your situation of bees on a tree is relevant. The bee swarm on your property can very well be resting on your tree with scout bees scouring the surrounding area for an ideal nesting spot. But it is very possible for the bees to stay or permanently relocate to an area enveloped and much harder to access.

So, do you want to let the bees choose the outcome of your property?

Of course not, it is recommended to take action immediately when you notice bee activity. Below we have provided options for you when a bee hive lands in your tree.

Bee Removal Options For Bee Hive In Tree

  • Live Bee Removal – a chemical-free bee removal solution. The hive is captured with a specialized bee-vacuum and temporarily retained in a bee cage. The bee cage is then transported to a local bee apiary.
  • Extermination – The hive can exterminated from your tree to prevent the bees from becoming a permanent resident on your property. All pesticides used are EPA-approved.
  • Scout Bee Treatment – This technique targets scout bees searching on your property. The treatment discourages the hive from choosing your property as a nesting location.

Watch our bee removal technicians perform a live bee removal service on our videos page.


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