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Top Obstacles To Avoid For Do-It-Yourself Bee Removal

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When bees land on your property, you may consider extracting the hive yourself. You have researched the process thoroughly and feel confident in your skill and ability to perform a successful bee removal.

However, every bee removal job is unique and can possess its own set of problems. No matter how much bee removal experience and training you have, the unpredictable reaction of bees during a extraction can always disrupt your initial plan.

There are no easy techniques or a 1-step process to eliminating a hive from your property. There have been similar stories of homeowners using citronella candles to smoke bees out of structures. The candles are left unattended and the structures catch fire. Recently, a resident in Fallbrook set their shed on fire using citronella candles. The damage was estimated at $70,000.

Other stories include injuries and even fatalities from unbearable bee stings or falling off ladders or roofs.

If you decide to take the challenge of performing a bee removal yourself, here are some items that we recommend you should not do (and possibly avoid altogether)

1.     Beehives Located Up High

Bees can nest in trees, rooftop, chimneys, and other high places. This can make the bee removal vertically challenging, creating more of a difficulty to remove the bees. Use a partner to secure the ladder. Avoid steep inclined roofs. When on the roof be extra cautious with footing. Plan your exit route and don’t panic if bees attack while on a rooftop.

2.     Aggressive Bees

Smoke will usually sedate the bees. However, if you are unable to calm the bees after using a smoker, this will be a dangerous hive to eliminate. You are putting yourself at great risk, especially if you are allergic to bee venom or the hive contains Africanized “Killer” Bees.

3.     Inaccessible Beehives

Sometimes a hive will enter a cavity in your home’s structure through a small hole. In these cases, the hive can only be accessed by opening a portion of the roof or siding. Unless you have carpentry skills, we recommend leaving the bee removal job to a professional.

4.     Bee Repellent Scents or Sprays

Bee removal is not simple, so any product that claims a “fast” or “easy” bee eradication is probably not that effective against bees. As mentioned earlier, citronella candles do not repel bees.

5.     Bee Removal Without Smoker Or Suit

You may have seen beekeepers walk amongst bees without a bee suit. This is not recommended. Purchase a bee suit and a smoker if you plan to perform a bee removal. These tools are highly recommended.

If you have no prior experience to bee removal, it is recommended to consult a bee removal specialist before beginning the process.


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