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Effective Bee Control Service in Murrieta

Bees on your property is a nuisance…you need the experience to be as painless to your home & your budget as possible.

You receive that experience from Pro Pacific Bee Removal. We have been providing affordable bee removal services to Murrieta for over 10 years – Get the job done the right way. Expect effective bee removal techniques & scheduling that works for you!

Full Bee Removal Services Offered in Murrieta

You get the result of bee removal services that have met the industry standard since day one! Be assured that your property will be bee-free…for good. Our services include:

Live Bee Removal Bee Proofing Honeycomb Removal & Repair
Bee Extermination Scout Bee Treatment FREE Inspection & Estimate

Our bee removal techs can provide an inspection & estimate for all of our services…At no cost to you!

Let Us Do The Hard Work For You

Successfully removing the beehive so no further problems occur is no easy task. Countless times we’ve seen homeowners attempt to remove the bees only to have them come back weeks later. Don’t get caught in this rut & have the bees removed the right way – the first time!

Not only that, you will be saving yourself from these concerns:

Severe Bee Stings Cutting into Walls or Roofs
Handling Toxic Chemical Sprays Working in Hazardous Areas

Get A Bee Removal And More In Murrieta

The service will be carefully explained to you…Leaving no question unanswered! You will know the exact method we take to remove the hive, so you can be confident in our service.

And when we complete the job, a bee removal specialist will provide you with recommendations to prevent future infestations & to be safe from bees.

Stay Safe By Having Bees Removed

Bees usually won’t sting when they are away from the nest. But since the nest is on your property you can expect aggressive bees. It is important to remove the bees & honeycomb right away so no one in your neighborhood is injured.

Not only that, your home can be harmed as well. If you have the bees removed without removing the honeycomb, unattended honey will lose its viscosity & possibly soak into walls.

Bee re-infestations are almost guaranteed & secondary pest infestations as well – Remove bees the right way today!

Get A Technician In Murrieta To Remove Your Bees Today

After contacting us, expect a technician out on your property soon thereafter providing a free inspection. Pro Pacific Bee Removal services Murrieta & all of Riverside County.

Call our Murrieta office today for effective bee removal services at affordable prices!

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