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Bee Exterminator Eliminated Aggressive Beehive in Wildomar

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A territorial army of bees attacked a chocolate Labrador mix in the city of Wildomar in Riverside County. The canine had innumerable bee stings by the time it reached the veterinarian. Consequently, the lab died of anaphylactic shock.

The beehive that attacked the dog was located on a neighbor’s property & had been there for some time. The bees had been there long enough for neighbors to plan their outings around heavy bee activity.

The owner of the dog attempted to involve the city of Wildomar & county of Riverside for the removal of the bees, but county officials say they could not remove the hive since it was on private property.

Honeybees have been swarming rampantly in Riverside County since the warm weather has been present. The ubiquity of bee swarms in the summer & the inability for city services to extract beehives from private properties creates an increased demand for bee removal services in Riverside, San Diego, and Orange counties.

Getting rid of bees early before they build any honeycomb greatly reduces the risk of a fatal bee attack. Bees are usually docile in nature when they aren’t near a nest, however when honeycomb and a queen are present they are easily provoked.

If you have a bee swarm on your property, call a bee removal specialist to remove the hive.

Pro Pacific Bee Removal offers effective bee eradication services in Riverside County – Call today if you need bees gone!


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2 Responses to “Bee Exterminator Eliminated Aggressive Beehive in Wildomar”

  1. Andrew says:

    I was wondering if it was your company that exterminated the bees at this residence?

  2. jdroach says:

    No, we are not sure who removed the hive, but glad it was resolved.